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Accelerating the growth of I am Doner

Project type

Venture Partner

Client sector

Fast Casual Restaurant

I am Doner is an award-winning multi-site fast casual kebab brand. The first Venture Partnership of THINK Hospitality, our partners have been central to the growth of this business from one site to being three managed stores and a growing franchise network in the UK and overseas.

In an exciting market with significant competition, I am Doner has put technology and food quality at the centre of it's proposition, with a considerable effort from all involved to create a systemised business model that allows for considerable scale through franchising.

As the major shareholder and company directors we have appointed key individuals to operate the business day-by-day, providing support and guidance to ensure profitability and to overcome the many challenges of recent years from Brexit to the pandemic, causing staff shortages, volatile food costs and uncertain trading patterns.

We continue to invest in the brand and business, with considerable growth plans afoot.


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