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Inspiring the creation of Muji TeaHouse

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Concept Inspiration & Study Tour

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Japanese concept retailer, Muji, planned to create a food and beverage outlet as the centrepiece to their new flagship store in Copenhagen, a first for the brand in the European market.

They appointed world-renowned restaurateur, Claus Meyer to lead the creative direction of the project, who in turn worked with THINK Hospitality to get inspired about other similar retail concepts, the Japanese food scene in Europe and to finally define the concept.

The result was the first Muji TeaHouse on the 4th floor of the iconic ILLUM centre in Copenhagen, where the ancient Japanese tea traditions have been adapted to a modern lifestyle. All teas are carefully selected by MUJI's partner, Sing Tehus accompanied by fantastic cakes blending Danish bakery traditions with a taste of Japan. To stretch through the day the concept also offers a classic Japanese lunch of curry bread, small snacks, kombucha, beer and juices.


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