How far ahead should hospitality leaders be looking?

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

The future can be such a dividing subject. In business we have to be looking forward to consider where consumer and market place trends may change to adapt our approach and future-proof our business, yet we have to avoid the pitfalls of not concentrating on the now or fall into the realm of navel-gazing. The question I find myself answering a lot is how far should we be looking into the future? That’s a hard topic to answer. 

You’d think it would be the largest names in our sector spending the most time and resources looking into the future, planning for the big societal shifts that are hypothesised. There at certainly some cutting-edge players out there doing just that, but for the most part it seems our biggest operators are just trying to cope with bringing their business practices, brands and approach up to date. Not yet really looking beyond the immediate challenge and trends coming down the track. 

I met two recently appointed chief marketing officers