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Realising the potential of the mid-market for JustEat Takeaway

Project type

Market Research & Commercial Strategy Development

Client Sector

Online Food Marketplace

Just Eat Takeaway UK has long been the market leader for the local takeaway and had grown to a significant dominance of the QSR player through deals with major companies like McDonalds, KFC and Greggs, but was underperforming in the acquisition of restaurant partners in the mid-market.

We were appointed to undertake a project to support JustEat Takeaway realise the value in the mid-market. We worked to understand the challenges, researching the competitor actions, meeting with executives from across the multi-site fast casual, casual dining and gentrified London scene, drawing multiple conclusions as to why progress was slower. We then worked together with the internal team to define a strategy based on a number of our learnings and recommendations.

The company grew it's mid-market offering substantially in the next period, including onboarding a number of the companies we engaged directly and continue to work with us on hosting inspiration and customer engagement events.


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