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We are a strategic restaurant consultancy for founders, executives and investors of growing multi-site restaurant groups.
The restaurant sector is known to be tough, operating just one restaurant can be tough, with low margins and high risk of failure. Successfully scaling a restaurant group or brand is even harder, with the constant balance of providing support services to aid growth whilst ensuring overhead costs don’t spiral out of control.
A respected restaurant investor defined a model, highlighting the most challenging periods of growth in restaurant brands as being 7, 17 and 70, each having their own distinct hurdles and change of mindset to overcome. Through our time empowering leaders with our restaurant consultancy we have worked at each of these stages.
It’s commonplace that executives take an operator first approach, getting engrossed in the business, not working on the business. Taking the time out of the business to strategise, plan and focus on growth is vital to help you see the wood from the trees.
Whether you are scaling a single brand or developing a multi-brand portfolio our partners can support, with considerable experience as respected executives, investors and restaurant consultants. We have worked with businesses and brands big and small, across Europe and the Middle East in developing winning strategies, brand building, business planning and restructuring to succeed.


Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights
Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights
Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights
Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights
Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights
Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights
Think Hospitality | Opinions & Insights

We have a long-term relationship with THINK Hospitality, working closely around our development as a group, particularly on the analysis of new projects and development of our group structure. We leave each meeting significantly richer thanks to their experience, they have helped us change our way of thinking and helped us to operate our business more effectively through their advice and involvement."



We've worked with clients from independent michelin starred restaurants to thousand site qsr brands.

Restaurant consulting CLIENT HIGHLIGHTS

Questions you might have?

Why work with a restaurant consultant?
In the restaurant industry it's important to focus on the details to ensure consistency for your guest and convert your revenue to profit. Sometimes this means you can't see the big picture or simply don't have time to focus on more strategic projects. A fresh pair of eyes often helps to overcome this, this is what restaurant consultancy can provide. Here at THINK Hospitality, we can work with you on a one-off basis, facilitating strategy sessions, bringing new thinking to the table or on a specific project, or on a longer term basis to help you achieve your goals. Unlike other consultancies, we own and operate trading restaurant businesses and this means we bring live, real life experiences, as well as a background in business growth and the respective methodologies.

How can Think Hospitality restaurant consultancy help your business?
We've worked with over 80 clients all over Europe and the Middle East and the briefs can be quite different. The core focus of our work with restaurant groups is in;
  • Strategy facilitation for restaurant groups
  • Restaurant group business plan development 
  • Brand & commercial audits
  • Restaurant expansion and internationalisation
  • Restaurant competitor and market analysis
  • Foodservice and restaurant study tours or safaris
  • Gap and opportunity analysis
  • Feasibility studies for new restaurants, concepts or openings
  • New market entry analysis for restaurant concepts
  • Trend scanning, scouting and foresight
  • Restaurant business turnaround support
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