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Growing a successful restaurant brand on a global stage

Think Hospitality Managing Partner, James Hacon takes to the Future Hospitality Investment Stage to chair a panel on growing a successful restaurant brand on a global stage, in conversation with;

  • Rizwan Kassim Founder & Managing Partner, RIKAS Hospitality Group

  • Chris Miller Founder & CEO, White Rabbit Projects

  • Uday Mukundan Chief Executive Officer, The Food District Company

  • Natasha Sideris Founder & CEO, Tashas Group

Discussion points include;

  • Important milestones in growing a restaurant brand or group

  • Whether to bootstrap or build investment to grow your restaurant group

  • Investment structures in hospitality and restaurant groups and tips for raising finance

  • Restaurant group valuation and valuing a brand

  • Biggest mistakes founders have made in growing restaurant groups

  • Restaurant brands that inspire leaders


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