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I have a deep and extensive experience leading and improving businesses across Europe. Working hands-on with investors and management teams in the food and hospitality sectors on developing ambitious but achievable strategies, and then getting all the business elements right for executing the plans and achieving the goals.

After completing my MBA from Dartmouth College in the US, I spent a number of years with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, as founder/CEO of technology firms in Scandinavia and the UK, and working withh private equity firms across Europe.

I'm the chairman, director or advisor of a number of restaurants (from casual to Michelin starred), food, tech and communications companies in the UK, Scandinavia, the US & South America, giving me unique perspectives on what works and what doesn't - and a deep respect for the unique qualities and challenges of each individual business.


Here are a selection of projects Michael has worked on during his career, as a consultant, with a brand or agency;

Food Hall Concept Development

Client: US Investor Group

Supporting the development of a $20M food hall in an iconic New York location. Scope included food offerings, branding, organisation and operating model

Post Acquisition Transition of Contract Catering Company

Client: Scandinavian Foodservice Group

Securing orderly transition of ownership and management of high end contract catering group: securing customer and staff retention, preparing company for new strategic direction, hiring and on boarding of new management team

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Acquisition & Integration of Restaurants

Client: Danish Restaurant Group

Developing deal rationale, negotiating deal structure, managing transition of ownership, including legal, financial and operational aspects

Launching High-End Restaurants in New York

Client: Michelin Starred Chef Properietors

Concept development and financial models, fund raising and investor relations, lease negotiations, branding strategy and support during launch

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