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How can you recruit & retain chefs for longer?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

What Chefs Want Header | THINK Hospitality & The Staff Canteen

With hospitality retentions rate currently 10% lower than the U.K. average at 70%, the chef crisis is only worsening and making recruitment a challenge for single and multi-site operators alike.

We partnered with The Staff Canteen to develop the What Chefs Want report which aids the hospitality industry better understand chefs employment wants and needs.

Over 500 chefs from multiple levels were surveyed to gain insight in to multiple areas including:

  • What do chefs think of the industry?

  • How do chefs want to be recruited?

  • How do chefs research potential employers?

  • What are chefs looking for in an employer?

  • What encourages chefs to stay with an employer?

  • What does the future look like for chefs?

  • What do chefs want from training?

We then accessed our expert panel of chefs to provide further analysis and perspective. This report provides strategic recruitment direction for chef employment, with key takeaways that can be easily used within your recruitment communications.

For more information and costs of the What Chefs Want report, please click here.


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