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SHIFT launches Box Chicken 2.0

The boom in online ordering and delivery is making it even easier and more convenient for families to consume unhealthy takeaway food. The UK takeaway market alone has grown by 34% in the last 5 years and ‘everyday takeaway’ has become the new normal with many families ordering 3+ times a week. However, the nutritional profiles of takeaways continue to reflect their traditional use – as an occasional treat. The average takeaway meal contains 68% of the recommended daily calorie intake, so this new trend of ‘everyday’ consumption can lead to negative health effects.

SHIFT with the support of Guy's and St Thomas' Charity set about to create an affordable, healthy delivery-based takeaway brand serving up tasty meals that are great value, loved by kids and better for you.

A year into the project they turned to THINK Hospitality to support with pivoting the model to improve the commercial success of the project. The new strategy is to move from one brand called Medleys to a multi-brand approach, or you could say a 'medley of brands'.

The first of these virtual delivery only brands is Box Chicken, a concept that we revitalised from a former project improving the proposition, packaging and branding to better align to the competitive set and market demand.

You can try it out for yourself for delivery & collection in London's #SW9 area.


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